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About the Film

Quest For Wilderness- Film

Does wilderness still exist?  That is the question that sparks a paddling journey in search of wilderness.  Set in Quetico Provincial Park, canoe author Kevin Callan paddles the park in search of wilderness and an understanding of its value.  Packed with humourous scenes highlighting common canoe-tripping misadventures, the film explores one of Canada’s largest wilderness parks viewing its changing environments, wildlife, remoteness and scenic splendors.  The result, Callan uncovers strong evidence to suggest that not only does wilderness still exist, but perhaps it means more to us now than ever.

Why Quetico?  The creation of this park in 1909 was a reaction to an ever growing concern over wilderness protection across North America, especially to a network of lakes and rivers northwest of Lake Superior which were quickly becoming an oasis for recreational canoeists.  One of Ontario’s first wilderness provincial parks, over a hundred years has passed since Quetico was made into a park- did the creation of the park, as well as other wild areas, manage to safeguard and promote wilderness values as its initial creators dreamed it would?

The answer is YES.  The film is a celebration of that.  A celebration of the idea that wilderness still exists here in northwestern Ontario and other places in North America – in fact, more so now then during the inception of the park.

Well-known paddler, Kevin Callan, embarked on this canoe trip with film producer Kip Spidell.  Together they paddled throughout the park for 28 days, shooting over 25 hours of high definition broadcast quality film footage.  Along the way, an assortment of paddlers were interviewed, including a naturalists group from Michigan, a family from southern Ontario, a newlywed couple from Manitoba, anglers from Wisconsin, seniors from Florida, a youth group from New York and junior rangers from Northern Ontario.  The diversity of people encountered solidifies the thriving desire for wilderness protection, enhancement and enjoyment.