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About the Happy Camper

The Happy Camper informs, educates and entertains while immersing campers in the challenge to explore.  With a strong focus on engaging youth, The Happy Camper highlights safe, responsible outdoor recreation that cherishes (rather than diminishes) our natural environments.

With an animated online presence, the Happy Camper uses a combination of humour and practical advice to raise awareness about the value of wilderness, importance of protection and the sheer joy of exploration.  The videos are designed in a manner that encourages youth to become active and involved.  The concept supports responsible use of wilderness and brings the outdoors to the web and classroom.  The “use it or lose it” principle considers that through exposure we can create a sense of stewardship.

The goal of the Happy Camper is to be a catalyst for the preservation and enjoyment of wilderness.  Through the development of dynamic and innovative videos and educational materials we hope to ignite the spark that encourages youth involvement and empowerment, a greater sense of pride and confidence, and an understanding of our role in wilderness protection.  The Happy Camper sees the preservation of wilderness as a priority for education, the environment and our overall health.

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